The Basket Bingo fundraiser is held annually by the Cybersonics Technology Team. This year, Basket Bingo was held on October 24th, at Palisades High School. It is a major fundraiser that helps to raise funds.

As a major fundraiser, Basket Bingo was an effort from the entire team, along with many different parents and businesses, who helped either with running the fundraiser, or by donating refreshments or prizes. There are so many people who cannot be thanked enough for their contributions to Basket Bingo.

Many baskets and other prizes were donated to the benefit, which added to the success of the fundraiser. This year´s event was very successful, with approximately 3000 people in attendence, contributing to the team. The donations are vital to the goals of the Cybersonics Technology Team and our participation in competition.

The team would like to thank all the supporters that attended and helped with the Basket Bingo this year.